We Made This For Our Moms

by I Eat Stickfigures

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The new I Eat Stickfigures EP, made just for you (but mostly for your mom)! Tanner, Drew, Stephen and Bobby are back for another round of incessant tortu- ahem, quality easy-listening for the whole family to enjoy! Strap on your boots, cowboys. IESF just rolled back into town.


released March 1, 2014

Tanner Simmons (lead/backing vocals, bass)
Drew Morgan (lead/backing vocals, rhythm guitar)
Stephen Lichota (backing vocals, drums, brass)
Bobby Felster (backing vocals, lead guitar)

All tracks were also recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stephen Lichota! What a cool guy!




I Eat Stickfigures Yale

I Eat Stickfigures is a rockin', independent nerdy punk band from the St. Clair County Michigan area who don't need no man!

Tanner Simmons - Bass/Lead and Backing Vox
Drew Morgan - Rhythm Guitar/Lead and Backing Vox
Stephen Lichota - Drums/Trumpet
Bobby Felster - Lead Guitar

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Track Name: Life From A Cardboard Box
Why is my head
Still stuck in bed?
This life of mine is still filling with dread!

Play by the rules
But still a fool
What do you do when there's nothing to lose?

No future here
And nothing near
Try living life when you've nothing to fear

I gotta fight out of this cardboard box...


What should I do?
I'm flailing in space
I'm having a hard time believing in the human race
I've made my mistakes
I don't know how much more of this one man can take!
I rip off the top!
I'm trying to live my life out of this cardboard box
I've got nothing to learn
My candle keeps on burning, mind's still turning, I'm a bit concerned!

You live a lie
And then you die
What will you do? Are you going to cry?

It's never right
You always fight
But in the end you'll never muster the might

To live this life
This modern strife
Sits hugging gently to the edge of a knife

I gotta fight out of this cardboard box...

Another day
Out of the way
Things should feel different, but they're really the same

They're all the same
They're all the same
They're all the same

It's all the same
It's all the same
It's all the same
It's all the same
It's all the same
It's all the same!
Track Name: Music, What's That?
I've been writing all about the things that matter most to me
But none of the songs I write sound anything like what's on my TV
And I don't care what anybody else is listening to
I guess you could say that I'm musically confused...

It all started out when I went to the video store to buy a new-cut single
To play inside my car on the way to work
When I saw those rows of music, sorted out by genre and alphabetized
I realized I don't even know what styles I like to listen to

When I put a CD in my cassette player
I have to wonder how dumb I am
To think that it could read that digital sound
When I put a record player's needle on an mp3 player
I know that I don't remember how to listen to music anymore

Had a friend call me yesterday
He said "Hey man, wanna come see the new band?" (okay!)
They're sort of a post-punk, hard rock, folk-metal band
With a guy on accordion!
And once again I have no idea what genre he's talking about
Guess I better go check em out
And see what's up with the music scene today
Track Name: Procrastination
Don't you know there can be no distractions?
Just went and burnt five holes in the wall
Already overstepped my mental mishaps
How many ways could I possibly stall?
How many times do I have to ask you?
How many times must I convince myself?
These walls I'm throwing up around me are nothing
But poor painted, lying versions of hell!

It's really eating me
And it'll eat you too!
Always said I wouldn't go down this avenue
I have a passenger
The things it makes me do
I can't explain the frustrations that it puts me through (x2)

Try to describe the nature of my current state
The sound of settling is nowhere to be found
I'm force feeding all the things I've grown to hate
I'm being watched when there's no one around
I always struggle to push away the things I love
You empathize and say it's no big deal
I break it down and pray that someone gives a shove
And pushes me away from how I feel
Track Name: Sticks & Stones
How's it feel to know you'll never be cool?
Well guess what kid, you're just playing the fool and
You've got this burning hatred deep inside
Doesn't matter what you do, it won't matter how hard you tried
Different stories every time
They're shelling out excuses like nickels and dimes
They're really not the friends you need
It's popular politics, the worst of the teenage seed!

Stand up, it's a matter of will!
Rise up, then go in for the kill!

You know sometimes I find it hard to believe
That I came from the very same teenage seed and
Those sticks and stones always break your bones
But those words could never tread on the feelings you show cuz
You grew up, became a happy kid
And they never measured up to the things you did and
If it hurts, rub it in some dirt
Everyone will know you as the kid with the blood on his shirt!

They write your name in a little black book
You try and let things go, but still you wanna take a look
The years will seem to pass you by
Before you know it you'll be kissing them losers goodbye
It's harder to be satisfied
You'll keep getting tougher as the seconds keep passing you by
You're stuck in a cerebral well
Just keep on climbing till you realize the moment you fell